The Three Kingdoms Period officially began in 220 AD, though the political foundation began to take hold several decades before. Almost forgotten in the grand scheme of passing time, this time is remembered dancing between legend and history.

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This era ensued after the fall of the Han dynasty, which lasted for several hundred years, from BC into AD. The Three Kingdoms period, however, was much shorter; it only lasted from 220 AD to 280 AD and consisted of three separate states, Wu, Wei, and Shu. This time period is actually one of the bloodiest times in China’s history, due to the rifts torn between nations caused by the Han’s weakening rulers. Due to the nearly constant warfare occurring between the kingdoms, it has been called the second deadliest period of warfare behind World War II. China’s population was by the end of this time period was roughly one fifth of what it was when it began.

Out of the Three Kingdoms, Wu survived the longest from the brilliant minds and strong warriors who built and governed the nation. While each country has a fascinating history, Wu stands out, not only because of its longevity, but because they were built on honorable ideals.