Sun Kuang

Similar to his brother Sun Ce, Sun Kuang died at a very young age. But setting him apart from Sun Ce is the fact that he never held an office despite only being a year younger than his brother was at the time of death. He married the daughter of Cao Ren, who was a relative of the prominent Cao Cao in the enemy kingdom of Wei. This arrangement was, however, an interesting one since it does show that Wu made attempts to have peaceful relations with the nations around them before circumstances forced their hand to go to war.

Sun Kuang’s only notable title was Marquis of Wucheng, however, he technically did not earn it. The title should have been inherited by Sun Ce, as he was the oldest son of Sun Jian, but the older brother was kind enough to give it to the younger Sun Kuang instead. Despite being surrounded by a presumably close family, Sun Kuang died in his early twenties.