Lu Mao

Younger brother to the better known Lu Xun, Lu Mao was very generous and befriended young men with humbler backgrounds than his own. They were all ambitious and Lu Mao often shared his wealth with them, as he was from a family of a higher social class. Just like Lu Xun, Lu Mao was a eager to learn even when he was still very young. His birth date is not precisely known, but he had to have been born after 183, which was when Lu Xun was born. They must be less than eight years apart, for the brothers’ parents died in 191.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms remembers him as the man who wrote to Sun Quan in 232, trying to convince him not to pursue the traitor Gongsun Yuan. His advice went unheeded at first, but Lu Mao persisted, eventually managing to calm down the furious Sun Quan and preventing him from committing grave tactical errors. Similar to his brother, Lu Mao was a sensible man who relied on logic and tried to quell the fast reactions of others.

He died in 239, but he did leave behind three sons. There is not much known about the first son, but his second son was named Lu Xi and his third son was Lu Ying. Lu Xi worked administrative positions in Wu’s government until the Three Kingdoms period came to an end.