Lu Kang of Wu

Named after Lu Xun’s grand uncle, Lu Kang was Sun Ce’s grandson and Lu Xun’s second son, but he was the strategist’s heir since his first son died at a very young age. He was born in 226, child of Lu Xun and his wife, Lady Sun. He was twenty when his father passed away, but he was given a title that echoed Lu Xun’s first military title. Lu Kang was dubbed the Colonel Who Establishes Martial Might and given control over several thousand of his father’s old troops.

In his time as a general defending Wu, he had a difficult time dealing with Sun Hao, the last Emperor of Wu. A stubborn leader, Sun Hao ignored the many petitions that Lu Kang submitted, requesting reforms. The senseless emperor ordered Lu Kang to attack Xiangyang, which was being defended by a Jin (successor to the Wei kingdom) officer named Yang Hu. However, Lu Kang, who had always respected Yang Hu, refused to carry out the scheme, and the two enemies coexisted peacefully until Sun Hao forced the issue by demoting Lu Kang.

Lu Kang soon fell ill and died in 274 without much fanfare, and it was once believed that this was the end of Sun Ce’s line. However, as more information is translated from Chen Shou’s Records of the Three Kingdoms, it has come to light that he had several sons. Their names were Lu Yan, Lu Jing, Lu Xuan, Lu Ji, and Lu Yun. Not long after Lu Kang’s death, Wu fell to Jin, ending the period of the Three Kingdoms.