Daughters of Sun Ce

Sun Ce had three daughters who were likely born to a well off concubine rather than Da Qiao. Sun Ce married Da Qiao in 200 AD, not long before his death. Since they married and conceived Sun Shao just before his father’s death, it is nearly impossible for any of the daughters to be biologically Da Qiao’s. There could be speculation that the youngest of the daughters could have been legitimate if she was born alongside Sun Shao, but there is little historic documentation of Sun Shao’s death and even less for Sun Ce’s three daughters.

Despite the spotty information, there are still many legends surrounding these women. Some legends state that the daughter who was married to Lu Xun did so by eloping with him, something that was far from the norm for noble born Chinese women. Generals with enough successes could break social norms and marry whomever they wished, however, it was still uncommon for couples to elope, especially when the wife was from a royal family.