Lady Bu Lianshi

Lady Bu was a wife of Sun Quan with an interesting history that loosely tied her to the Sun family even before her union with the emperor. Her year of birth is unknown, but she died in 238 AD. When the Han dynasty was on the edge of degenerating into a piece of history, her mother had plans to take her to Lujiang and was about to leave. However, the plan fell apart when Lujiang was destroyed by Sun Ce and they were forced to cross the Yangtze. However, by going south, she obtained Sun Quan’s favor because of her beauty. She had two daughters, Sun Luban and Sun Luyu, two of the few women whose names were recorded in history.

Lady Bu was favored for many years by Sun Quan, especially because she was not a jealous person, something that he appreciated considering how many concubines and consorts he had. Once he rose to the rank of king, he wanted to make her his primary wife and empress, but there was resistance from his advisors since there were so many other prestigious or simply more deserving women in his royal harem. Additionally, Sun Quan’s sons often advocated for whichever wife or consort was their mother. Despite not being given the title of empress during her lifetime due to the fact that Sun Quan procrastinated on his choice for ten years, she was often referred to as the empress within the palace. She was finally given the official title after her death.