Sun He

Sun He was a son of Sun Quan born in 224 AD, and suffered mightily for it. Embroiled in bitter succession battles with his brother Sun Ba since they were born, the fights annoyed Sun Quan to incomprehensible degree. Sun Quan finally ordered Sun Ba to commit suicide, and disinherited and exiled Sun He in 250 AD.

The Wu commander and chancellor Lu Xun defended Sun He’s right to inherit the throne, as Sun He was a favorite of the court at the time. This earned him Sun Quan’s ire, leading to his demotion and eventual death.

Later, Sun Quan restored him as a prince, but died before any plan of making Sun He heir apparent could come to fruition. The throne was willed to Sun Quan’s youngest son Sun Liang, and his regent Sun Jun forced Sun He to commit suicide in 253. His wife died as well, leaving behind four sons.

One of them was Sun Hao, who later took the throne when Emperor Sun Xiu died in 264.